Thursday, February 22, 2007

stick a fork in...

This will be the final post at The Diner, new stuff will now be found at

The way of the knighthawk will probably go down in flames as well since there's a blog at my site.

I've had The Diner for a couple of years and it's been kicks, but now it's time to have something a little different; so it is. See ya there.


Friday, February 09, 2007

moving on...

I decided last night to close the diner. I seem to be in the mood to change things around here, so I've relocated and have begun on the path of The Way of The Knighthawk

This will be the new joint until the upcoming web site construction is complete. So, from this moment on, the diner is closed and the path is set.

See ya over there.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So as of right now, it's official; Needles for Teeth the online literary/arts blog is now officially gone.

Nothing to be sad about. Life goes on.

Saw The Science of Sleep finally, great film, check it out. I highly recommend it.

Also, I'm thinking about organizing another reading from my book. More information as it arrives.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Another one for the virtual scrapbook...

Open Naked Eye -- as always, plenty of pith and vinegar! Baudelaire visits Capitol Hill and walks the mean streets of the heart... good stuff, young man! Forget Kerouac, you've got your own voice going... d

From a reputable local book critic from the local "Big People" newspaper. Not bad.


Okay, I'm back. Got back on tuesday, sad days and nights. Nuff said on that, let's move on...

There's a little blurb about Open Naked Eye in this weeks issue of The Onion. (ego...getting...larger...vanity...rising...must...!)
Can't find a link online, so if you're in the Denver/Boulder area grab a hard copy.

Just got around to seeing The Prestige last night, I liked it, made me think about the similarities between writers and magicians, there are many when you think about the process that they go through to create and properly execute a good illusion, the rivalries could equally be very similar. Think about it for a while, not interested in writing an essay on the subject, maybe tomorrow. If you haven't seen the film check it out.

Looking to catch the final episode of Afro Samurai today, can't wait. The soundtrack came out about a day ago, all new stuff from RZA, very nice.

Oh, and "how and I doing?" just fine, thanks for asking. Will begin blogging on the perils of airport security and the downfall of "the old days" of Chicago soon. Until then back to watching ghost in the shell: stand alone complex.


Friday, January 26, 2007

Leaving town

I'll be away for a while, don't know how long I'll be gone. A life is being taken away unfairly and all I can do is be there when it ends, it's not easy to talk about, or even write about, but it is what it is, and there's not much I can do about it besides get on a plane and get there as soon as I can before she's gone.

If any of you who actually read this thing and you live in the Denver area, if you were planning on going to the special reading event for my book, continue to have that plan. The event will not stop because I'm not there, feel free to dig on everyone else who'll be there doing their thing and reading my words, do it for me, I need to know that something good is happening in my life right now. Enjoy the music of Rachael Pollard, enjoy the words of Citymouse and enjoy the brave readers of the words from my book, read by good friends of mine whom I have great faith and adulation for continuing with the event itself. Have a good time, enjoy your life, see ya when I return.

Thanks for the support.

Friday, January 12, 2007

truth be told...

I didn't think this would ever get out, but it has...might as well live with it....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Birth of Brother Ronin

Had a strange dream the other night: I was walking around the west side of Chicago for some reason, visiting old neighborhoods I guess, and I was dressed like a traditional Edo Period Samurai, duel katanas and all. Every now and then people in the hood would come out of the shadows and whisper the words “Brother Ronin”, like it was a bad thing to say, as if something would happen if they were heard. I kept walking, not really looking at anything, just moving. The dream became more strange when more people came from out of dark alleys, doorways, over roof tops whispering “Brother Ronin”, I don’t know if they were talking about me or not, but there was a sense of respect coupled with a modicum of fear in their voices and mannerisms. The environment was slightly desolate and grey, trash and dust littered the streets. The air smelled sticky, it carried a scent of fried rice, a hint of grass (could just be me on that one though), and gasoline. I got to the end of the street I was walking on and turned a corner, there were other samurai standing there, waiting for me, swords out. I kept walking and went right past them and I heard one of them say: “There goes Brother Ronin, he lives in the mind.” The last thing I remember before moving on to another dream was some kid running behind me yelling for me to come back, but I kept walking, all I knew was that there was something that I needed to do, that it was too important to let slide, the last thing the kid said was “Brother Ronin, don’t die!” Then the dream shifted to something else, something about peach cobbler. But now I think I have a title for the new story I’m working on, seems to make sense to me for some reason. But there you have it, the next book, due around this time next year will be called “Brother Ronin”. Makes me all warm and tingly just thinking about it, dig?